Tips on Selling Your Vacant Ft Sam Houston TX Home

Selling your vacant home near Ft Sam Houston could be a bit of a challenge, since vacant homes are uninviting, lack warmth and character, and could sometimes feel a little eerie.Take these steps to make sure your vacant home sells fast and for a high value:

1. Pay attention to even the smallest details. You may see  things you have never noticed before once all the furniture are removed. Make sure to fix anything that needs repair, repaint, replace the carpets, and just make sure everything is clean and in order.

2. Air out the home. An empty house can quickly start to smell stale and moldy. Before a showing or an open house, leave the doors and windows open to allow in fresh air for ventilation. You could also put some mildly scented candles in key areas like the living room, bedroom, and bath room, or spray on some air freshener before guests come in.

3. Boost your curb appeal. Make up for what you lack on the inside of your Ft Sam Houston home with a beautiful exterior. Don’t just clean your yard, make sure the grass is well-trimmed, plant new flowerbeds and add some fresh mulch, repair broken fences and repaint if needed. You could also consider adding some brightly colored flowering plants to the walkway or hire a professional landscaper to amp up your curb appeal.

4. Stage your interiors. Even if you have moved out all your furniture, you may want to hire a staging company that offers furniture for rent. Professional stagers can transform your vacant Ft Sam Houston Tx home into a warm and inviting place that looks straight from a home decorating magazine. Buyers are not merely purchasing a home for shelter, they are looking for a place to create  new memories, and a well-staged home will help them imagine themselves actually living in it.  A vacant home typically sells for 15-20% less than a staged home, so hiring a staging company is actually a sound investment.

If you are ready to sell you home near Ft Sam Houston, the Real Estate Muses are just a phone call away. We are experts in San Antonio Military Relocation. Specialists like us will be able to help you find the right buyer for your Ft Sam Houston Tx home for sale. Contact us at 210-332-0310

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