Florence Epa

Prior to hiring a broker/agent for the purchase of what we consider our forever home in SATX, I had done an extensive amount of research as to who would be the best fit. It was challenging as I was not aware of just how many real estate agents exist in San Antonio. Come to find out later there are over 10,000. Luckily for us after a couple weeks of reading through reviews and comparing the different credentials of the ones that we considered competitors, my spouse and I chose Melissa M. Wiggins and her Real Estate Muses Team, wherein we won the real estate lottery. Our jackpot started with us hiring Melissa as our broker and ended with the purchase of our dream home under budget and in an ideal location. The customer service that Melissa and Michele promised and delivered was genuine and trustworthy. The concerns that we had being a military same sex couple were never encountered and basically eliminated from the first moment we spoke with Melissa. We gained peace of mind and comfort in seeing how thorough and committed Melissa had been working on our behalf. We could go on and on about how easy the financing and title work for our house had been due to Melissa’s work of negotiating with the seller/owner and dealing with factors of the home buying process that we needed assistance with. One might say, “well that’s them doing their job” whereas we know firsthand that it’s the quality of Melissa’s work that sets her apart from the rest. We would vouch for the outstanding service of Melissa Muse Wiggins and her Real Estate Muses Team anytime on any day of the week. Thank you ladies, for having made our home buying experience a pleasant and very rewarding one.

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