Selling Your Home Near Fort Sam Houston Before A PCS Move

Selling Your Home Near Fort Sam Houston Before A PCS Move

Home Near Fort Sam HoustonSelling a home for many is a difficult task, more so for military families selling their home near Fort Sam Houston before a PCS move because of the added pressure of limited time and frequent moves.

During these times, the Department of Defense offers special programs for military members to help them with the financial burden of selling their home.

Most military members will have the same options available to civilians when it comes to their home for sale near Fort Sam Houston.

The Selling Process

Once you receive your PCS orders to move to your next duty station, you need to decide what to do with your home. If you are transferring to another country and leaving your family behind, they may want to stay in the home.

If you decide to put up your home near Fort Sam Houston for sale, the Real Estate Muses can help you to put your home in the market quickly and find a buyer.

Once you get an interested buyer, you will start with the negotiations for the sales price of your home for sale near Fort Sam Houston as well as a closing date before your move.

You duty station can offer temporary housing if your closing date is prior to your PCS move date.

At closing, you and the buyer will sign transfer paperwork and mortgage documents needed by your title company and the bank who owns your mortgage. After the transfer of the title and payment of mortgage, you are released from any responsibility for the home.

The Department of Defense offers a program to help homeowners who experience a financial hardship due to PCS moves in their military service, like homeowners who are forced to sell their homes because installations are being closed while real estate prices are low or deployed military members who are injured in the line of duty. The U.S. Army offers this program for all military branches. Qualifications for the said program will vary depending on funding and specific criteria established by Congress.

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Selling Your Home Near Fort Sam Houston Before A PCS Move

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