Selling Your Home Before A PCS

Selling Your Home Before A PCS Move

Military families selling their home in San Antonio before a PCS move is challenging with pressure associated with a condensed timeline. It means a change to their kids school, saying goodbye to newly formed friendships and for many military spouses, leaving a job they enjoy.

Military Selling Homes in San Antonio

If you decide to put your home up for sale, the team at Real Estate Muses are Certified Military Relocation Experts to get your home on the market quickly and find a buyer. They also have a property management division if you decide to keep your home and turn it into an investment property. Many veterans and retired military return to San Antonio because Texas is a veteran friendly state.

When you receive PCS orders, decisions need to be made on what to do with your home. For example, you are transferred to another country but your family stays in the home.

Once you get an interested buyer who makes an offer, Real Estate Muses starts negotiations for the sales price of your home and a closing date before your move. If you move out of your home prior to your move date, temporary military housing is made available.

At closing, you both sign and transfer the paperwork and documents for the title company and mortgage lender. After transfer of title and mortgage payment, you are released from any responsibility for the home.

DOD offers a program for homeowners experiencing financial hardship due to a PCS.

  • Homeowners forced to sell due to installation closures while real estate prices are low.
  • Deployed military members injured in the line of duty.

Qualifications for the program vary depending on funding and specific criteria established by Congress.

Help selling your home before a PCS? Email Melissa Muse Wiggans – Owner, Broker and Military Relocation Specialist at Real Estate Muses or call her at (210) 332-0310.

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