Preparing Your Home For Sale Near Fort Sam Houston For Winter

Preparing Your Home For Sale Near Fort Sam Houston For Winter

Fall is the best time to prepare your home for sale near Fort Sam Houston for winter.

Although there are relatively fewer military members making PCS moves to San Antonio in fall compared to spring and summer, fall is the best time for many military homeowners to do some home maintenance jobs for their home. It’s also the best time to prepare their home for sale near Fort Sam Houston for winter.

1. Fireplace/ Chimney
Schedule for cleaning and inspecting of your fireplace and chimney before winter arrives. Don’t forget to check for obstructions, gas lines, and damper functions. This will ensure you are warm and safe during the cold season.

2. HVAC system
Before you will be needing it for the cold winter months, schedule an inspection and service appointment for your HVAC system. Look for reputable companies to do this or you could ask for recommendations from family or friends.

3. Smoke/ Carbon Monoxide Detector
Change batteries at least twice a year. Fall is the perfect time to do this.

4. Electric Baseboards
Vacuum or remove dust and lint from electric baseboard heaters or radiant panel radiators to avoid fire hazards.

5. Air filters
Cleaning and replacing air filters are best done in fall, when most people switch from air conditioning to heating. Don’t forget to also dust the intake cover.

6. Dryer Vent
Clean the hose of your dryer by vacuuming the lint from the top of the hose and behind the dryer. You could hire a professional to blow out lint accumulated in your dryer hose. This will lessen potential fire hazards.

7. Reverse Osmosis System/ Well Water
Make sure to check the light on your reverse osmosis system which indicates of the filters need replacing. If you use well water, have it tested for high mineral content or contaminants.

8. Rain Gutter
Clean out and repair or replace gutters which are damaged or do not drain properly. Clearing out the debris allows rainwater and melted snow to drain out of the home immediately, which lessens the potential for water damage.

9. Vinyl Siding
Hire a licensed professional to power wash your vinyl siding  to reduce the risk of mold growing under the siding.

10. Lawn
When it comes to your home for sale near Fort Sam Houston, your front lawn will give potential buyers the first impression for your home. So make sure  to boost your curb appeal by mowing your lawn. You could mow over falen leaves to mulch them up and act as fertilizer for your lawn as well as eliminate the need for raking the leaves.  Fall is also the best time to aerate the soil in your lawn, breaking them up and creating holes in order to provide deeper penetration for seeds and fertilizers. This will result in a lush and green lawn when spring comes, resulting in fabulous photos of your home. Fertilize the grass seed before winter arrives.

11. Trees and Shrubs
When pruning or fertilizing trees and shrubs, take into consideration regional guidelines. In cold regions, you can use a thick layer of mulch to protect the trees and shrubs.  This will also result in greening and blooming as well as proper growth in the spring.

Keeping up with these home maintenance jobs can be costly and tiring, but it will be truly rewarding once your home for sale near Fort Sam Houston attracts more buyers and sells for top dollar.


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