Neighborhoods Near Ft. Sam Houston: Terrell Heights

If you are PCS moving to San Antonio and looking for a neighborhood near the Alamo Heights School district without the hefty price tag for homes, you may want to consider Terrell Heights. Home prices average in the low $200,000 and range from $170,000 for fixer-uppers to over $300,000 for remodeled homes.

It is a slightly newer and smaller neighborhood located to the east and north of Alamo Heights. Streets are easy to navigate with its grid structure and the topography is flatter than that of Alamo Heights.

Home sizes average around 1,600 square feet and are standardized, meaning you won’t find any mansions or luxury homes in Terrell Heights. The homes are mostly single-story built on pier-and-beam foundations with asbestos or wood siding. Most of the homes have detached garages.

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Neighborhoods Near Ft. Sam Houston: Terrell Heights

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