Military Real Estate: Prepare Your Fort Sam Houston Home for Sale

home near fort sam houstonOne of the advantages of being a military member is the opportunity to buy and sell homes at a profit. Since moving and relocating is part of military life, why not treat this as an investment, knowing that in two to three years you will be relocating again? As with any investment, the key to success is learning how to maximize your profit.

If you plan to put up your home for sale near Fort Sam Houston once you get another PCS order here are a few tips on turning it into a good investment:

1. Buy a home near Fort Sam Houston that other people will also like when it’s time for you to sell it. Always consider the location and the neighborhood. A home near good schools is always a good choice. A fixer-upper in a good neighborhood in near Fort Sam Houston is also a good choice because once you fix up the home, offers will come pouring in. Avoid buying homes in bad locations such as near a busy street. No one wants to hear constant traffic noise day and night and it is also a risk for families with young children who might go running into the street.

2. Ask your agent how long the home for sale near Fort Sam Houston as well as other similar homes in the neighborhood have been on the market. Since you don’t know when you will get your next PCS orders, you need a quick sell so don’t buy a home that takes more than 6 months to sell.

3. Keep your home near Fort Sam Houston in good condition. Since you never know when you will need to move and sell, your home needs to be ready to sell at any time. If you plan on fixing up the home, do it as soon and as early as possible so you can enjoy the home later. Invest in improvements in the interior and landscape of the home since they will greatly affect the future sale. Stick with neutral interior colors to give buyers an easier time visualizing themselves living in your home. Your purple walls may not exactly appeal to most buyers.Make necessary repairs regularly like patching up walls or fixing leaks and make sure to clean the house thoroughly before putting it up for sale.

4. Plan your landscaping as soon as you move in. Your home’s curb appeal and landscaping will give the first impression of your home to the future buyer, so make sure you keep your landscape well-maintained, lush, and beautiful. The reason you need to plan your landscaping as early as possible is because plants take time to grow.Ask your neighborhood’s nursery about appropriate choices for plants which are native to your local area since they grow more quickly and cost less. If you plan to plant trees, avoid slow-growing palms and opt for faster growing trees like live oak and pear. Consider the season when you plan to sell your home. If you think you will sell your home near Fort Sam Houston in spring, plant early-blooming buds like tulips. If you moved in during the autumn, you could plan winter rye to ensure that you will have thick green grass on your yard. If you think you will need to sell in winter, plant evergreen shrubs that will look fresh and green under the holiday lights. Fill in dead spots with colorful annuals like petunias during summer and pansies during the cold months.

Eliminate clutter in your home and in the backyard like children’s toys or playground set. Give your buyers an expansive view of your lot that will help them visualize living right in your home near Fort Sam Houston.

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Military Real Estate: Prepare Your Fort Sam Houston Home for Sale

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