Maintain the Plumbing in Your San Antonio Home

Plumbing Tips From Real Estate MusesAvoid Plumbing Mishaps

There are many great things about living in San Antonio and Military City USA, but dealing with plumbing problems is not one of them, especially around the holidays or when a family member is TDY or deployed. The good news is there are several simple and inexpensive steps you can take to keep plumbing problems — and expensive calls to the plumber — to a minimum.

Tip #1

A sprayer hose in your kitchen sink makes cleaning so much easier. But only if it’s not constantly catching on the shutoff valves. Keep it running smoothly by slipping 1/2 inch foam pipe insulation around the pipes and shutoff handles.

Tip #2

If you have a double stainless steel sink, you may experience the ‘gong effect’ when you wash dishes. Quiet it by spraying expanding foam between the sink basins. This is easiest to do before insulation, but you can still try with the sinks in place. Once the foam is hard, trim off the excess.

Tip #3

If one of the kids dropped a toy in the toilet, or someone’s toothbrush fell in and got flushed, don’t use a plunger to unclog the toilet. That could just wedge the hard object in more tightly. Instead, use a wet/dry shop vacuum to suck out the water and the object.  SECRET TIP – during toilet plumbing repairs, f you have to shut off the water fill several two-gallon buckets with water first. Then the toilet can still be flushed and tested during the work.

Tip #4

And finally, when you’re going to be away from your home overnight, consider turning off the water to your entire home. This will avoid any water damage that could occur while you’re away due to things like a break in the washer and dryer hook up or a leaky toilet.


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