Living Off Base in San Antonio

 The Advantages of Off Base Housing

Many military families who PCS to San Antonio choose to live off base over military housing for the following reasons:

1. Off Base Means More freedom. Owning a house provides you more freedom since you make all the decisions. You can shop around for homes and decide on a specific type and style of home. You control your move in or move out date, plus get a feel of the neighborhood and your future neighbors. There are also less restrictions living off base compared to on base such as the design of your home, pets, and the inspection process.

2. BAH Savings. Military members living off base in San Antonio get to save some BAH at the end of each month. Some military-owned  off base housing are leased  to military members at a discounted rate.

3. Cultural Experiences. Living off base gives you and your family the chance to live among civilians and be part of the community and experience the many diverse cultures San Antonio offers. San Antonio is the gateway to the Texas Hill Country and is centrally located among many smaller towns that were founded by German, Alsatian, Mexican and Spanish settlers. 

Whether you decide to live on base or buy a house in San Antonio, we welcome you to Military City USA and thank you for your service.

If you are unsure or need help finding a home in San Antonio, call or email Melissa Muse Wiggans, a Certified Military Relocation Specialist at 210.332.0310. She is the Owner, Broker of Real Estate Muses and works with military families moving and relocating to San Antonio. Visit the website at for more information.

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