How To Make Your San Antonio Military Housing into a Home

San Antonio Military HousingSpouses of military members who are used to frequently moving after receiving PCS orders often hear the saying “home is where the Army moves us.”

Though they may get used to moving a lot due to the nature of their military spouse’s work, one thing that military spouses struggle with is how to make their new military housing feel like home. It feels much like living in an apartment or renting since you don’t really have total control over the house and how you want it to look.

If you have just moved into your San Antonio military housing, here are a few tips to help you make it feel like home:

1. Unpack everything. Don’t leave boxes still packed for months just because you anticipate another move sooner or later. Once you move into your San Antonio military housing, unpack all the boxes, put things in their proper places, and just “move in.” If some stuff really needs to be kept in boxes, then store them away in an attic or basement, or anywhere they are not easily visible. It’s hard to feel at home when there is always something to remind you of your transient life.

2. Paint the walls. You don’t have to be stuck with those white walls. Many rentals and military housing in San Antonio will allow you to paint your walls as long as you paint them white or beige before you PCS move again. Adding color to the walls will add a huge personal touch and will reflect your personality. Make sure to check with your landlord or the San Antonio military housing office if you could paint your home.

3. Hang pictures and paintings on the walls. Nothing could make a house feel like your own home than family pictures hung on the walls! Bare walls look very dull and drab. Even if you will be there for only a while, make sure to hang those framed photos and artwork. If you are short on budget and could not afford pricey paintings, you could always check out the local craft store near your San Antonio military housing for posters that could be framed inexpensively.

4. Use Carpets and Rugs. By adding some throw rugs or area rugs, you can bring a splash of color into any room and make your San Antonio military housing feel cozier. Take note that if you have a linoleum floor, you should not use rubber-backed rugs since they have a chemical reaction which causes the linoleum to yellow.

5. Hang Curtains. Bare windows are a sign of temporary residence. Curtains need not be expensive. You can find bargains in departments stores and mass merchandisers near your San Antonio military housing. If your place does not allow you to paint the walls, curtains are a very good alternative to still add colors to the walls.

6. Add some plants. A green landscape makes so much difference in making your house feel like a home. If you are not allowed to plant on the ground or the yard, consider adding potted plants and flowers. Aside from adding a burst of color, it gives your San Antonio military housing a more homey feel.

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