Home Staging Tips

Home Staging Tips by Real Estate Muses

Staging right near the Entry way/ Front door 

“Entry ways are very important. It is the place that potential buyers will spend the most time, so it needs to really look the best in the house. It needs to look clear of clutter. You want the entry way to look light, maybe some glass furniture, no heavy pieces, and some colorful artwork. Another tip, no dark paint in the entry way, you don’t want it to feel enclosed.” 

What do you recommend for built in shelving/book cases? 

“Books shelves are very important. For cabinets and countertops you want to leave those more clear, but for book shelves you really want to stylize them. If there is a book case with a lot of books you really want to edit that and remove some. You would also want to take down all personal photos, but also leave some space for the eye to rest and imagine some of the buyers things in its place.” 

Backyards or Landscaping 

“With spring and summer coming around you really want to have your front and backyard looking optimal. All the plants trimmed up, paint looking great. Doorways, doors windows, and especially flower beds cleaned up nicely. Laying new black mulch will really make it pop.” 

Backyard Furniture to offset greenery 

If you don’t have much color in the backyard or your home is a dark paint color you want to have some bright colored flowers, maybe on a stand, and some red or appropriate color outdoor pillows.” 

✓ How psychology goes into home staging. 

“According to research you have less than ½ a minute from when a buyer walks into a house to when they make their initial decision. So when you walk into a house it needs to be inviting in the entrance.” 

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