Financial Tips for Your PCS Move to San Antonio

Whether you are planning for a PCS move to San Antonio now or in a few more years, you will have to take charge of your finances and see to it that all your finances are in order before your PCS move.

Here are some financial tips to help you and your family for your PCS move to San Antonio:

2013.05.10 Financial Tips for Your PCS Move to San Antonio

1. Get on the same page with your partner. Talk with your partner or spouse about your family’s finances. This will help prevent any future disputes or financial difficulties between both of you.

2. Close and/or transfer all accounts. Make a list of all your bank accounts. Find out which accounts can be transferred and which has to be closed then reopened once you reach your new location in San Antonio. Your move can actually be a way for you to shop around for lower rates on financial products such as homeowner’s insurance.

3. Settle all your current bills immediately. Before your PCS move to San Antonio, make sure you pay all your close-out bills like your utilities (water, electricity, etc). Unpaid bills can damage your credit. Also make sure to provide all your utility providers with a forwarding address for unpaid bills.

4. Compare the value of your current and future housing allowance. As you create a budget with your expected income and expenses in your new station in San Antonio, compare your BAH (Basic Allowance for Housing) to determine how much home you could afford.

5. Save your receipts. Keep all your receipts in a file where you won’t lose them. Include your receipts from expenses that do not qualify for reimbursement. These receipts may qualify for tax deductions.

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