10 Tips for Taking Great Photos of Your Fort Sam Houston Home For Sale

10 Tips for Taking Great Photos of Your Fort Sam Houston Home For SaleWhen it comes to your Fort Sam Houston home for sale, photographs are everything. 80% of homebuyers are now starting their search for homes for sale in Fort Sam Houston online, and usually the first photo they see pulls them in.

But you have to be careful to capture just the essence of your Fort Sam Houston home for sale and not too much of it since you would want potential buyers to come and view your home in person.

Here are 10 tips on how to take great photos of your Fort Sam Houston home for sale:

1. Prepare your home. Declutter, depersonalize, organize, and stage your home. Remove any distracting items or personal effects from countertops, tables, and bookshelves.

2. Take photos of areas of interest in your home. Select areas of the room with interesting elements or architectural design. These photos will highlight your home and attract the interest of potential buyers.

3. When taking a photo of a room, stand in a corner. Taking a photo from the corner of a room will give the photo dimension and depth as opposed to taking a photo from a straight perspective.

4. Be a straight shooter. Since rooms are made up of different angles, be careful to keep your lines straight. Crooked lines will give viewers a confusing and distorted perspective.

5. Maximize available light. When shooting outdoors, choose a time of day when there is no direct sunlight shining through the glass windows or creating shadows. When shooting from the inside, avoid shooting directly into windows as the light coming in the windows may create a wash out effect.

6. Utilize the rule of the thirds. Using the rule of the thirds in your photographic composition means dividing an image into nine equal parts by two equally-spaced horizontal lines and two equally-spaced vertical lines, and that the main elements should be placed along these lines or their intersections. Using the rule of thirds will ensure that your photo will include not only the main subject, but other elements as well. It will also provide depth and visual interest to your photos.

7. Use a wide-angle lens. A wide-angle lens allows you to include more elements in a single photo. Otherwise, if you use a standard lens, you will have to stitch up several photos in a photo editing software to create a panoramic view.

8. Use a tripod. A tripod is a very useful but inexpensive tool that will allow you to take photos steadily. No more shaking hands! It also allows you to use a slower shutter speed which will increase the exposure and clarity of your photo.

9. Use a ladder. Taking shots from higher angles will increase your ability to capture the entire essence of a room in your Albuquerque home for sale. It will also help with perspective and image composure.

10. Edit your photos. Using photo editing tools is a great way to add some finishing touches. Take care not to go overboard with saturating or touching up. Use cropping, straightening lines, and enhancing in order to improve your photos and make them more attractive to potential buyers.

Remember, you only get once chance to create a first impression, so make sure you take time to prepare both your home, your equipment for the shoot, and the timing of the shoot so you can take great photos that bring out the true beauty of your Fort Sam Houston home for sale.

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10 Tips for Taking Great Photos of Your Fort Sam Houston Home For Sale

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